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Why is filtration important?


One of the biggest benefits of water filtration in your home is the removal of chemicals and contaminant's in municipal water. It has been proven thru thorough testing that there have been carcinogens found in our water as well. There is a solution to this global issue so have no fear because SanTex Water Solutions is here to help.

    I'm sure many of you out there have heard of a Reverse Osmosis or a RO filtration system and might be asking what they are and do they work. Rest assured that they do work at removing chemicals such as chlorine, lead, arsenic, and even pharmaceuticals. One of the more notable facts about a RO system is that it has also been known to remove bacteria as well.

Water Test

Onsite water testing can be performed in just a matter of minutes.

Reverse Osmosis

A Reverse Osmosis system can give you the best filtration giving you bottle quality drinking water.

Lab Testing

When on a water well quarterly lab testing is highly recommended.


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Santiago started in the plumbing business in 2009. When he saw the negative effects that municipal water caused on anything that water touches in the home he knew he wanted to become an expert in removing hardness and contaminants from the water. He partnered with a local water softener company where he gained knowledge and training to be able to diagnose and recommend the appropriate equipment to treat water before it caused major issues in a person's health, home, and appliances.

  • Clack Valve

    Clack valves help keep your water softener in peak performance. These valves keep the maintenance cost of your water softener as low as possible because it allows it to automatically regenerate while ensuring efficient use of salt and preventing resin compaction.

  • High Quality Resin

    SanTex's Preferred Water Softeners use 10% cross-linked resin which has a longer lifespan than standard resins on the market. This longer lifespan is due to the ability to withstand oxidation and fouling even in more challenging water conditions.

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    Activated Catalytic Carbon

    Activated Catalytic Carbon removes chlorine, volatile organic compounds, and other contaminants from water. Removing the chlorine and other contaminants improves the taste and smell of water and reduces exposure to potentially harmful compounds.

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    Quality Installation

    Our preferred method of installation uses PEX pipe and covers all exposed pipe that we install with insulation to help prevent damage caused by harsh elements.


Reverse Osmosis System


A reverse osmosis (RO) is a water filtration system that uses filters and a semi-permeable membrane to remove dissolved solids, contaminants, and impurities from drinking and cooking water. The RO effectively removes 99% of contaminants such as lead, chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, and nitrates. This minimizes waste and helps save money by reducing the need for plastic water bottles.

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